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With more and more time being spent watching videos online, it’s crucial to create video content that is engaging, advances your brand and its messaging, and stands out among the rest. With the addition of motion graphics, your content will do just that.

Media Planning

With over forty years of combined expertise, we know that choosing the right media outlet, demographic, and placement is crucial to your brand. That’s why CenterRock Advertising develops strategic media plans that effectively and efficiently reach your desired audience within your budget.

We conduct internal and external market research to understand your brand, industry trends, marketing objectives, and your target consumers in regards to their behavior and where they are most likely to engage with content related to your brand. Once we have an understanding of these facets, we determine which channels will be most effective.

Media Buying

Once we know how to effectively reach your ideal consumers, we put the plan into action through media buys. At CenterRock Advertising, we have built strong relationships with TV stations and representatives to regularly schedule our media placements. We negotiate prices based on exposure, traffic, ad slot, etc., and then continuously monitor the ads for variances in performance, opportunities for improvement, and make future recommendations.

Lets make something great together.