Script & Copywriting Services

When you look good, you feel good— but that’s not all that matters. We want you to look good, feel good, do good, and mean well. CenterRock Advertising has gifted graphic designers who create not only outstanding designs, but highly-effective ones.

Script Writing

Script writing is storytelling, and the best stories come from a clear understanding of the material and the designated audience. We research your brand and learn how to tell an audience-engaging story that will make you stand out.


Sometimes finding the perfect words can be an impossible chore. You can’t find the rhythm of the rhyme, that word on the tip of your tongue, or the wit that you need to really make your statement pop. Do you want your brand to have a serious tone? We can be serious. Do you want to take a modern, pop-culture oriented approach in your written material? We got you, okurrr.

Luckily, at CenterRock Advertising, we are an agency filled with wordsmiths, witmasters, and creative geniuses that always know the right thing to say.

Our script and copywriting services include:
• Radio ads
• TV scripts
• Campaign Pieces (Slogans, Taglines, etc.)
• Blogs
• Event Materials
• Press Release & Media Kits
• Presentations
• Technical Writing

Lets make something great together.